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How to make a menu hierarchy work linked to a webpage

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  1. vineet says:

    Mike can you please explain your requirements a bit more??

  2. Today for a new menu item its create code and add it to the system. It leads to possible errors in adding menu items and a deployment of code.

    For this system, it would do a recursive table lookup that can be used on the left hand side menu. Create code for a system when a table lookup can be implemented. Pardon the pun ‘one set of code; does it all’ forever.

    Possible issues and problems: a) the css/style sheets in displaying the menu b) create a CRUD to a table to create a listCollection that would be separate from the existing abp.io framework; so new releases do not affect abp.io updates.

    All systems could use this over coding but a eCommerce system would have the most need. If this could integrate with purchasing and security areas of abp.io framework, even better. Example: for Tenant1, I create User1 who has access to MenuItem1 due to Tenant1 purchase and / or to display product.

    In a previous job we had this in a asp.net 2.0 app. it worked great. Only issue was when new items were added, a logoff was needed to see the new item.

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