How to enhance the BookStore Web Application with Blob Storage

This course Contains 12 Lessons and is 2 hours long, you can watch the intro now, In the course you will learn how to enhance the BookStore Web Application so that we can upload images for the books and authors, store them in the database using the Blob Storage Module of ABP Framework. You will then learn how to display them on the Datatables using the HttpApi controllers using ABP Framework 4.x with Razor Pages and EF Core.

If you have been looking for a solution to display ABP messages when using post back forms which do a complete refresh of the page, I show you a neat trick which will make the message display after post back and full refresh of the page.

The course also includes a Bonus Lesson 12 which shows you how you can add server side validation on DTO objects so that you can validate and show custom error message if the user hasn’t selected a dropdown item in a dropdown list for example.

  • MVC / Razor Pages as the UI Framework.
  • Entity Framework Core as the database provider
  • ABP Framework 4.x

The course has now been released to Founder and Premium members now, go on take the course now

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