Amazing CRM based on the NorthWind Database

IT has been about two and a half weeks since my last post! (sorry guys have been very very busy) In my last post I announced that I had uploaded the source code on GitHub and setup a private repository for members. If you would like to be added to the LearnABPFramework GitHub organisation you can update your profile and enter your GitHub username and I shall add you if you are a Monthly, Annual or Founder Member.

So have you been wondering what I have been working on ? Well I was introduced to a company based in Australia through VoloSoft (thanks Alper – for the intro). I have been consulting and working with the company to setup and develop various modules on the ABP Commercial Platform. In the process I have learnt tons about the ABP Framework and have been working on the Amazing CRM based on the NorthWind Database Course for premium and founder members. Stay tuned for the release of the first Lesson in the Course which I hope to publish this course soon. As promised this course will be available to Founder member before being released to premium monthly and annual members.

I have also been working on a couple of showcases which show the features and functionality of ABP 4.1 and 4.2 for both the Community & Commercial versions.

In addition to the showcases I will be realising some Quick Wins which show you some of the awesomeness of the ABP Framework which I have learnt while developing modules for the company based here in Australia.

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  1. OK its February 22, 2021, when is this course going to be available?  I am anxious because I need this course to do my work efforts better.
    Yes, I understand some of the complexities of this course and I also understand how wonderful the people are about changing their framework so that it makes course work almost impossible.
    Thanks for an update on this course.

    1. vineet says:

      Sorry Mike

      Benn busy with consulting to a company here in Australia, who are about to launch a SaaS product which I helped build on ABP 4.x.

      I have learnt tons, and I will be recording a lot of content and releasing them in the next few weeks.

      Sorry for the delay but launching a SaaS product built on ABP hasn’t been easy as you all know.


      1. Vinod Pillai says:

        Dear Vineet,

        I am planning to develop a SaaS product on ABP. what is your advise should I proceed or not.


        1. Vinod,
          I am interested in developing a Saas platform with multi-tenancy and SaaS usage monetization based on hosting in azure cloud on one subscription for a SaaS provider (SaaS company) which can issue invoices for usage on a monthly basis, based on realy usage for each tenant, or to allow each separate tenant to have its own subscription.
          There should be multiple SaaS application edition with base, premium or custom module installation for a vertical industry like real estate MLS kind of web site which can allow tenants to have their own listing and management with the ability to list selected property on the main SaaS provider site based on a region.


      2. Zak Abdulai says:

        Hi Vineet, we’ve not seen the showcase 4 months down the line. it this Learning platform one man’s show. it was hyped to be like one place to learn ABP framework. But it looks like nothing is happening. I will suggest you get someone to help you with new contents as you might struggle to get people to renew their subscription

  2. vineet 
    I was wondering if you created any content
    What is meant by “Access to our Kick ass community of ABP Developers”If there is so little content I cannot see how will this community grow.
    I know you are busy with your project, but there should be some valuable feedback for potential members.
    I am personally interested in a multi-tenant, multi-lingual, SaaS application with base and premium modules that can be added to various tiers/editions and to allow metering and monetization for tenants based on Azure subscription be it independent tenant subscription or a subset of usage per tenant based on one SaaS provider subscription (One SaaS admin subscription could sub-divide usage to only account to each tenant’s real usage).I think you are kind of working on such a solution (maybe not monetization, but that would be a great thing to add to
    Can we connect regarding above goals.

  3. eyecrafe says:

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