Created Progress Blog

Created a Progress Blog

Today I have created a progress blog! This Progress Blog will be where I will post what I am working on Behind the Scenes. Like the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” Between my day job and working on, I get to spend around 2 hours per day and 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday to work on content generation and day to day tasks which a membership needs that’s just 26 hours in total. I had hoped to generate at least two pieces of content a week, however I have been lagging behind and you guys out there must be wondering what I am working on. Well there is a lot to do in terms of research and developing the module or application before I began recording.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on creating a SimpleTask Module, all the development is almost done for this module. The purpose of this SimpleTask Module is to show you how to develop modules on top of the ABP Framework 4 with out touching the start-up Web Application. The Simple Task module is using the MVC/Razor Pages as the UI Framework and EF Core as the Entity Framework. Below is what the module looks like

While developing the SimpleTask module, I have learnt a lot of lessons which I will be including in the screen cast which I plan to do this weekend . The BookStore ten part tutorial which are published on (and also available on as screen casts on our Free Membership) use the DataTable and Modals to demonstrate how you can develop the BookStore Application directly in a ABP Web Application. However, I wanted to use a different control to demonstrate the capability of the ABP Tag Helper’s. ABP Framework defines a set of tag helper components to simplify the user interface development for ASP.NET Core (MVC / Razor Pages) applications. Most of the tag helpers are BootStrap (v4+) wrappers. Coding bootstrap is not so easy, not so type-safe and contains too much repetitive HTML tags. ABP Tag Helpers makes it easier and type safe.

So I have used the ListGroup Component in the above SimpleTask Module rather then using Modals, I have used the standard MVC/Razor “asp-page” and “asp-page-handlers” attributes to navigate to an EditTask Page, to navigate to the CreateTask Page the module uses a simple jquery Function and for the DeleteTask the module uses a ajax call and jquery to remove the Task from the list, if the delete action is successful. This demonstrates three different ways rather then using Modals which you would have seen in the tutorials. Below is an image of the Solution Structure

Stay tuned! looking forward to recording and publishing how I built the SimpleTask module very Soon!

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    Looking forward to the tutorials, thanks.

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      Do you mean show myself and my ugly mug on camera?

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