Hello ABP Framework Developers!

So about a year and half in April 2019 if I remember correctly I was in between jobs and created a Teachable site https://amazingsolutions.teachable.com. On this Teachable site I have created a couple of ABP Framework related courses and made them available for free, namely being.

  • Setting up your development environment for ABP Framework.
  • Let’s Build the Bookstore Application with the ABP Framework.

Recently I was having a looking at how many users had actually registered and watched these courses, I found that 1081 users had registered for the courses and of these 1081 …. 194 had subscribed to get updates when I launch new courses and tutorials.

Last time around, I had only spent my time and made ZERO investment in a website etc etc.

This time I have decided to invest and spend some money also invest some of my time to help the ABP Community and developers like me to learn how to use it to develop Applications and Modules. At the start of this week 3 Nov 2020 I have made a real investment in creating a membership site LearnABPFramework.com!

ABP Framework is an open source web application for ASP.NET CORE. ABP Framework is a complete infrastructure to create modern web applications by following the software development best practices and conventions

My main goal is to make a membership website for developers who are using the ABP Framework to build modern web applications.

This week I have done the following:

  • Researched which web hosting provider I will host my Membership site on, it would be good to use the ABP Framework to build a Membership Web Application, but this will take considerable time and effort and plan on doing it as part of the journey and even make a course out of it. So why reinvent the wheel to get LearnABpFramework.com up and running
    • I have chosen HostPapa.com and signed on to their “AU-Optimized WordPress Hosting Business Plan”
  • I then had a look at what others, who have a similar membership sites dedicated for developers were using and discovered MemberPress.
    • I have chosen the “MemberPress Plus” – Yearly Subscription for the membership part of the site.
  • So then I needed a theme for my Membership site so I found Memberoni available on Membership Academy.  This is exactly what I was looking for, a Membership Academy with like minded people like me. Seeing others success, will keep me motivated and guide me on how I can build a Membership Website. 
    • I have chosen the Monthly Plan to teach and train my self on how to run a Membership Site
  • I have started following the Roadmap and I have created my Launch wait list using Mail Chimp free plan, my Launch is scheduled for 1 week of Dec 2020.
    • I have chosen Elegant Themes yearly access, which gives me access to “Divi”, “Extra”, “Bloom” & “Monarch” and Hundreds Of Website Packs. I have used Divi Visual Builder Plugin to create my Landing Page where to collect emails and names of people who will be interested in the membership

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